Call Me God

Stanza-One-4-postSo that fellow man can passeth by another man’s doorway
And say that this is all that is he
Or that he enter into his own doorway and say
That I too am contained herein.

Stanza-Two-4-postBut shall he go to the place on the hilltop ~
That he shall feel the breath of Heaven;
And that he shall hear the song of all Creation,
The pulsing throb of the Universe.

Stanza-Three-4-postAnd there shall be within ~
The ALL Residing Spirit of that which he truly is,
So that he shall cry out;
Call me not again unto the things of this earth,

Stanza-Four-4-postBut call unto me only the things which are of the Spirit
For my heart longs not for the things of the earth,
But only for joys and the beauty of the Spirit;
For in the Spirit do I find all things of all Eternity.

Excerpt from The Anthenium

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