Builder-stanza-1Behold! the greatness of man’s many lives upon earth,
And the greatness of his many empires and cities thereof,
In the building and the tearing down – and again in the building,
And of the many temples, and of the many kinds of worship.

Builder-stanza-2--1For with all this building and tearing down
So that he feels the need of something greater than all this ~
For while he doth have eyes, he walketh blindly,
And that with his ears he heareth not, things from the Spirit.

Builder-stanza-3Therefore it is so, that with all of these things of his doing,
And of all coming and going,
It is but the outward creation, of that which is within,
And so that there passeth much time.

Builder-stanza-4That he cometh lately, but surely, from within all this
Before the altar of his own life;
That he seeth all things, and heareth all things
Which are of Creation.

by Ernest L. Norman

Excerpt from The Anthenium

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