Beware Ye In The Latter Days

Beware-Ye-The-Latter-Days-main-4-post“Two thousand years ago a certain man uttered this most famous and prophetic prophecy, “In the latter days, beware ye of false prophets and teachers, those who dress in sheep’s clothing but are as ravening wolves.” Today in this twentieth century this same man has, through reincarnation, lived wolf-in-sheeps-clothingto see more than a full and complete fulfillment of this prophecy. There is on every hand the modern version of the Tower of Babel, the cacophony of a countless multitude of voices, false prophets and teachers, the mendicants and purveyors all claiming to be and to have various merits which they are extolling and attempting, for a price to sell to a gullible public.

Politicos go from town to town raising their voices in protest against each other, each one extolling and promising what he will do should he gain his office. There are many and countless claims arising from different pulpits, religious groups, cultists, quacks, et cetera. Here in Southern California there is a tremendous gathering of these false prophets, a mecca of sorts, due pontificatorpartially to the benign climate but particularly to a kind of social structure which is most affluent in nature. Wealthy or semi-wealthy people retired in great abundance, live throughout the communities of the Southland and here these false prophets and teachers, quacks and purveyors have found a lush field for the deployment of their wares and their nefarious practices.

A classical example of the different purveyors of certain religious or metaphysical or mind science tripe and trivia which is being peddled in the United States and in particular here in Southern California, I am going to describe the activities of a certain, shall I call him, practitioner who has, through some twenty-five or thirty years of activity here in Southern California, succeeded in making for himself a rather substantial position in the materialistic field of his life. This practitioner lives on a hilltop in a palatial mansion; he has a butler and a chauffeur, Money-Magnetmany cars and lives the highest epitome of affluent life. Every day there is, in a large metropolitan newspaper, an advertisement which carries his picture, along with statements and claims which he makes in his practices: “Attract wealth to you through personal magnetism . . how to develop your magnetic magical powers . . . how to do this, that and the other through the magical dynamics of personal magnetism, even to attract love and other things to you through this magical personal magnetism.” And so far as he is concerned, it quite evidently has worked. Whether or not it works with those who have listened to him in the theaters which he leases and where he sits upon the platform while he speaks on what or how to do these things, is very doubtful. I have listened to this man on at least one occasion and I have come away with the same feeling which I have when I read his advertisements in the daily newspaper. I am wondering how many thousands of people he has succeeded in stalemating or deviating from a true constructive evolutionary pathway.

It is quite evident to a man who has had some training and some knowledge in the field of human nature that all of which he speaks and tries to teach borders very closely on the cultistic witchcraft which flourishes on the back-reaches of this planet. There is little to differentiate between the practice of trying to concentrate on the witchdoctor twomaterialization through your mind powers to acquire an automobile, a better house to live in or any other such sundry physical, material acquisition except perhaps there is missing the witch’s mask, the usual voodoo smoke and incantations and perhaps the amulet to hang around your neck.

Here, at this time and place, there is just a simple expression that if the person desires to do so, by simply thinking about it and concentrating on it that it will eventually appear. Now, such utter nonsense and tripe is, of. course, completely fraudulent in nature. As I have stated before, there is nothing in the human mechanism, physical or otherwise, which could perform such a feat. There is, of course, the thought which is carried; a person can, shall I say, concentrate his daily activities into a certain direction and it may in a certain time, if he is constructive enough in those endeavors and puts forth the necessary effort, he may eventually acquire a car or whatever else he does so acquire.

The fortunes of capitalists which have flourished at this time and in this century are built upon the premise of concentrating their efforts, their lives into the direction of acquiring riches. This is, in hard working capitalistitself, a certain type of constructivism, I shall call it, which does obtain certain results. But certainly there is no magic about it. Certainly the capitalist, whoever he may be, has not acquired his empire, his millions, by sitting and concentrating. He went out and he worked for it. He did a lot of things which quite possibly an honest man would not do, yet he did acquire the wealth, not through magic but by using all of the numerous devices along with great personal effort to acquire this wealth. Moreover, it is quite beyond a question of doubt that in these efforts the capitalist, whoever he was, had the help of certain astral agencies; also, that he had been a reincarnated person who was, in a former lifetime, a person of wealth and so quite naturally had a certain acumen to pursue what he did so assiduously in other lifetimes — to accumulate wealth. And so the acquisition of wealth was not as great a problem as it would have been to the average ordinary person — a person who neurotic-personmight have sat in the audience of this practitioner and listened to his dissertation on “the magic of mind concentration” and all of the other gobble-de-gook which these purveyors are constantly interjecting into the minds of their rather blissfully ignorant subjects.

It is also beyond a shadow of doubt that many of these people who come to listen to the trivia expounded by these mind practitioners are, in some way or another, immersed in some neurosis. There has been a great frustration, a defeat, a loneliness or some other traumatic psychism which is working in their present lifetime and is making life quite uncomfortable for them; or they may simply be attracted blandly enough to the banner of this circus barker, this sideshow spieler — which he really is — in order that he might in some way financially incur a greater abundance of material wealth.

There are other perspectives, too, which present themselves in this discussion. I am thinking of this and other practitioners and of their numerous subjects which they have attracted to themselves; life after death 4 postwhat will life be like for them when they leave their physical bodies? They have spent all of their energies listening to this false purveyance or they may have spent their energies in attempting to follow these false practices. The practitioner himself has centralized his entire existence into the acquisition of material wealth. There is no materialism in the fourth dimension or that spirit world, as it is called by some people. Any person who leads a normal and an abundant life in the hereafter must do so by virtue of his own mental capacities, his ability to understand the general fourth dimensional Infinite. The infinite macrocosm is not a personal mendicant which purveys any particular participle of affluence to any person, either that this person should pray or otherwise attempt to intimidate the Infinite.

As I have stated before, the Infinite is absolute; it is law, order and harmony and functions equally for the smallest atom to the most advanced of the species of Homosapiens. There are no exceptions, religious, cultistic or otherwise, and if one hopes to aspire in the trajectory of a constructive science of atom to universeevolutionary pathway, this must be done, not on any theories which seemingly incorporate certain magical formulas, but rather upon certain fundamental and basic understandings of what creation is and how it functions.

I doubt at this moment that this practitioner whom I have discussed knows what a sine wave is. I also doubt whether he could go into the mechanics of the human mind or that he possesses even the most rudimentary fundamentals of psychology. While he has made claims that he has journeyed to Tibet and that he has studied in different esoterical schools such as yoga, zen and others, yet in my research I found nothing in any of these oriental theosophical schools which dealt specifically with the construction of the macrocosm or the microcosm. These were all theorems, placebos, or the flatulent statements of something that existed — and we must believe that they existed — and this is a great flatulency of intellectual expansion.

No person can develop the necessary perspectives and all the incumbent requisites which are Female student studyingrequired to properly relate him to a constructive evolution without knowledge of the electrophysics incorporated in the construction, expansion, the propagation and the constituents of what the Infinite is, no more so than you could develop the necessary memory, the knowledge which would enable you to go forth on some journey in a distant city or around the world and then return to your own domicile or that you would be able to carry on any of the other necessary requisites that you might. These are only temporal attributes which you have developed through the concourse of your evolution and the furtherance of this evolution will concurrently and without any other malfunctions, carry you into the Infinite, provided you were completely objective, you were diligent and you were unrelenting in your pursuance of this evolution.”

Excerpt from Tempus Interludium Vol. II

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