Atlantean Civilization Part II

Atlantis-mainAmid The Pyramids
Excerpt from Tempus Interludium I

Part Two

“In our preceding chapter we discovered the Egyptian pyramids, Khufu or Cheops, etc., as well as pyramids-4-postpyramids in other parts of the world — Yucatan peninsula, Inca, Peru, etc. — were, in their odd shapes and seemingly meaningless geometry, actually a decadent remnant of several huge pyramids which existed in Atlantis and even in the more ancient Lemuria which were, in reality, highly developed electronic generators designed and built by Master Scientists from another world. Our description of this pyramid as it existed in Atlantis is far from complete, however, so let us continue to explore this most amazing achievement.

Briefly, a huge rotating squirrel-cage generator turned by a motor was linked up to an electronic computer which was housed in a twenty-foot square metal box on the floor just above the generator. This computer automatically made and broke connections — with banks of power collector cells on the outside pyramid surface in such a sequential manner that a tremendous oscillating voltage was built up. On the ten-foot ball which stood atop the metal box, this oscillating electricity discharged more than six hundred feet straight up to a similar metal ball hanging down from the pyramid apex on a long metal rod.

In our 1900’s, a scientist named Steinmetz hurled thunderbolts from two large metal LightingLab-Steinmetzspheres one hundred feet apart in a manner which is somehow strangely similar to the process used in the Atlantean Pyramid 16,000 years ago. This discharge across the two metal balls served as a tank-circuit, as it is called, and again a similarity to our modern early-day wireless, a motor turning a rimless rotary wheel from which protruded a number of spokes, actually electrodes. As the wheel rotated about 2,000 rpm (rotations per minute), a sizzling white spark jumped from the spokes to another electrode placed about one-half inch away from the spokes. It was this spark-gap which created the necessary high-intensity voltage.

Now, on top of the Atlantean pyramid was a fifty-foot metal column, something like a thick flagpole, which terminated in a circular bank of what looked like the spokes on a wheel. About ten feet long and sixteen inches in diameter, these spokes protruded at a number of irregular intervals, each one carefully sighted like a rifle, to a near or distant receiver.

These spokes were actually composed of an exotic mixture of metals and formed into a homogeneous, crystalline aggregate under extreme pressure and magnetic hysteresis. Each rod or spoke then contained billions of tiny crystals; each one pointed, so to speak, toward the outside flat end of the rod. They absorbed energy and like a boy who’d eaten too much watermelon, they reached certain capacity and discharged their energy toward the outside end of the rod.

ruby-laserThe net total of these charge and discharge oscillations were on the order of millions of megacycles per second and as they functioned from the end of the rod, a beam of pure coherent energy emerged — and at the rate of more than 186,000 miles per second straight to a receiver, a beam of enormous power. How similar to our present first versions of the laser: A six-inch synthetic ruby rod, one inch in diameter and containing many chromium molecules; these chromium molecules were charged with electricity from an outside source of condenser banks and other associated equipment which generated a high-frequency impulse.

As the chromium molecule atoms reached their saturation point, they discharged their energies which began to oscillate ping-pong fashion from each end of the optically-ground and slivered ends of the rod. When this oscillating energy reached a certain point, it discharged through the more lightly silvered end in a single straight coherent beam of great intensity and power.

Again, could these present-day scientists have been duplicating, from a psychic memory, that which they saw and helped destroy in Ancient Atlantis?

The power beams which emerged from the Atlantis pyramid were intercepted by similar metallic rods of crystallized metal which, because they oscillated in a similar manner and frequency, atlantis-power-receiverpresented no resistance to the enormous power of the beam. The beam then traveled straight through the rod or was broken up and separated into separate beams by a crystal prism, which again sent beams pulsating through crystalline rods and on a new tangent to another receiver.

In utilizing these power beams in a dwelling, a metal ball fitted on top of a metal rod, like a small flagpole, contained a crystal of certain prismatic configurations which directed the beam down through the hollow center of the rod to a disburser instrument which energized the entire house by means of induction so that the round milky-white crystal globes would glow with light, motors turn, etc.

In the land of Egypt and all other lands where there were pyramids, the Egyptians tried to duplicate the round spoke-like wheel which glowed with a blue-white corona and which shot beams of intense light in different directions. The Egyptians topped their stone pyramid with a large ball-like contrivance covered with small plates of pure polished gold in a scale-like manner; and as the earth turned, shafts of light were reflected in all directions.

Several thousands of years later, these metal balls with scales of gold had disappeared, so had the alabaster white coating except for small sections near the top, in order to use the smaller surface stones in nearby cities for building purposes.

In the nineteenth century, Napoleon’s cannon shot off the nose of the Sphinx, his artillerymen using the great monolith for target practice. Atlantis was blown into oblivion by the very power that it generated, wrongly used in the hands of ignorant black people who sought to rule the world.

Again in our present day, could the racial strife in America and other countries be a psychic re-manifestation of the destruction of the world more than 12,000 years ago?

egyptian-art-4-postYes, history repeats itself; the modern Egyptians wore in their temples and palaces a metallic headdress and woven metal scares interwoven with threads of gold which hung down over their shoulders just as they did in the Ancient Atlantis when, after the scientists had gone, the Atlanteans started to worship the flame in the temple pyramid.

The metallic headdress plus a metallic robe was necessary to protect them from the strong electromagnetic field in the pyramid and somehow the metallic headdress has arrived in our present modern time in the form of a scarf worn by women in a Catholic church, or the biretta (birettum) worn by the priest. Such is the way of the primitive earthman.

While he can construct a continuous gas laser beam, shoot it through a telescope to the moon where it is reflected by a reflector planted by Apollo 11 astronauts, and received on earth where, in its pulse, this beam accurately measures the distance to less than a mile, yet this same man constantly abrogates and vilifies the creation all about him by reading superstitious legends from his so-called ‘Holy Bible’, as he rides his spacecraft through space!

Or that he constantly degenerates and vilifies his earth life, pollutes his environment and the creative principles of life which have created his planetary home and brought him up from his primitive past, despite his ever-destructive, degenerate proclivities!”

More on Atlantis by Manly P. Hall (Dr. Norman recommended his literary works.)

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