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“I would like to continue, if I may, with another discussion which is very closely related to the nature of things which were previously discussed – that of astral worlds. Every person on the pathway would like to know where he is going when he leaves the earth plane and that is only a natural attitude which is born out of the desire for security; therefore, a greater degree of faith could be expressed in each individual if he knew something of the place where he is going when he leaves this physical body. You earth people have numerous, rather vague ideas and explanations of these places. You may call them astral worlds, summerlands, or even heaven and hell, or purgatory. Other people have some vague idea that an astral world is something like a big shelf or flat place floating out there in space somewhere. If you remember, your history books tell you that a few hundred years ago people believed the earth was a large flat place which was pushed around the sun by an angel and that if you sailed a ship a little too far, you would fall off the edge. Of course such ideas are very infantile; likewise are many of the ideas of the earthman in regard to the dimensions which he calls astral worlds.

Referring back to our original concept of energy and mass, mass is purely a product of energy reflected from a higher dimension and by changing the relationship of mass to its energy source, energy-into-matterchange would also occur in its apparent density or solidity and with this change in density, there are also other changes which automatically take place. Mass will reflect or refract light frequency in a different relationship. Such a mass will also be more or less affected by other factors, such as time and space. This was what your scientist Einstein tried to explain in his fourth dimensional hypothesis. It may surprise you and your earth scientist to know that there are other planets in this solar system that you cannot see. This is so simply because their relationship as matter or mass to their energy source is such that it makes them nonreactive to any of your physical senses. You cannot see, hear, or smell, or otherwise feel such a mass or energy in any energy relationship other than your own unless you are mediumistic or clairvoyant. I need not mention that this is the basis for what is called materialization in which a quantity of mass is temporarily changed in its relationship to its energy source, into your own relationship and thus temporarily, your senses will be reactive to it. It must, however, revert back to its original relationship.

Our planet Venus, occupies such an energy relationship with the outwardly expressed mass of the venus-1planet that it is much more spiritual in nature or, shall I say, more highly evolved; yet it still retains some of the qualities which make it reactive to your sense of sight. Your astronomer with his telescope sees it as a beautiful, globe-shaped mass of cloudlike formations. He has never seen the surface of our planet. He believes it to be slightly smaller than his own Earth, but this is not so. Because of the spiritual nature of the cloud-like masses which he sees, he has been unable to accurately determine the true size. This of course is of no particular consequence, except that it can be a strong point of argument with the many earth minds. If your astronomer could construct a telescope with which he see clairvoyantly into the universe about him, he would see innumerable planets revolving in their orbits which he does not know are there, nor will he ever know in his present earthly consciousness.

There are such invisible planets in our own solar system that revolve around our own sun and use its energies, which are as I have said, energies which reside in another frequency dimension. With a moments thought, you will see that when a person passes in a more normal or highly developed spiritual consciousness, he will automatically be attracted to the particular one of these invisible planets which is most suitable for his present stage of evolution. When he arrives there he will not, as some people suppose, float on a pink cloud or play a harp nor do as described in any of the other spiritual-plane-of-lightfoolishly contrived notions. He, as a more strongly developed person, will want to go right on living. He has, in a subconscious way, a strong thought pattern of previous lives and associations which are reflected into his conscious mind from the tiny wave forms which form his psychic body. He therefore will pick up the tools of his trade, shall we say, at the place where he left off on the earth in the earth-consciousness and continue on from there.

All this is done, however, with a much more highly advanced mental and spiritual perception. Actually he is learning, through these countless evolutions, the ultimate way of life. Gradually he will lose the thought associations which were born in the lower, more physical life which made it necessary, according to his concept, to express himself in physical ways. In his more advanced, spiritual evolution, he will form new thought patterns which associate him more strongly with the infinite spiritual nature which comes from the Fountainhead; and these expressions do not associate themselves with a physical form such as moving the arms and legs, or with speech, or sight, or hearing. Instead, his mind will be occupied in expressing itself in a more universal nature.

projecting-energy-4-postWhile he does not need clothing in the generally accepted way, he could, if he so desired, quickly construct any such clothing by directing energy through his mind. His universal sense of perception will supplant that of the five sense of his physical earth life. He will be able to perceive and conceive instantaneously and simultaneously, countless numbers of dimensions. However, this is beyond conception in your present earth-plane existence. I am trying to avoid any advanced, abstract evaluations. I know the limitations of the world about you and of the thought patterns which are formed by living in such a world.

In case there are some points in this last discussion which are not quite clear. I will explain them more fully in our next visit. So let us rest awhile in peace.”  – Mal Var

Excerpt from The Voice of Venus

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