An Elder Brother Discusses Energy With A Student ~ Part II

Elder-Brother-Explains-Energy-main-4-postWe are getting these things all down in print so you all may learn and study them in your own homes. But I am not at all concerned about these things because they will be the bibliography of the future. It will help man in his future evolution to destroy this illusion, this maya that has been confounding him for the past countless centuries. You see, all religions, all cultisms are basically and essentially the cause for man’s greatest distresses because they are forming even in the most liberal perspectives an escape mechanism at best. That is all that religion is in its present status. Man is only obtaining a temporary form of relief, a sort of safety valve situation with a great number of different pressures which have been built up within himself, because he has not understood the common equations with dynamic polarities, the movements of any given form or appearance of substance as it is called, or form of substance through a certain perspective as a certain polarity pattern.

When a person obtains that perspective, he is not subjective to these things in the common sense because they always have a different way of equalizing these things and leveling them off. He does not have to go off on these mad rat-race vacations; he does not have to seek out the priest and obtain this temporary moral opiate that he calls a confession or some religious observance or go to church to ease his conscience because that is all just a form of a tranquilizer, a moral opiate, and that is all that it is.

T – Denotes Teacher.
S – Denotes Student.

S – And perhaps to recharge the battery?

T – Well, that is something else that they do not understand. This recharging of the battery is a natural thing which follows through a certain process and depletion of the psychic or depletion of the magnetic aura. Actually, we have seven basic auric structures, that is, seven different dimensions of relationship within the psychic from the magnetic into the pranic aura, but subdivisible as they are, they are all inter- linked in frequency relationships and harmonic structure. And when we come into a condition where we will say that we are connected as a positive pole with a negative field, we have a tendency to discharge ourselves, and vice versa, we will connect ourselves up in an understanding way; not in a negative way but in an understanding way, we become receptive to a higher degree of positive polarity. And many people – with their differences in these cultisms and the ages of the various religious associations of the past, and the degree that has to be done in a means and a way of supplication – have not understood it; and it has to be done in an intelligent fashion as an understandable way.

I think that some of the past Masters could give very definite information on that. Jesus, in particular, said we have to seek out the Father who is within the closet of our own minds – we make the internal contact. It is not in the churches or synagogues and it is not done in other places; it is not done through prayer. He said very specifically about that, and He knew that human weakness and He gave them this prayer which is common property or part of the New Testament. But He advised them against praying, but to seek out the Father within your own mind that He could reward you openly.

S – And how could we do it otherwise?

T – That is exactly why we are giving this very valuable information. When people will learn or understand the dynamics as I have just gone through it here more or less of a thumbnail situation – first starting with the sine wave and understanding that these concepts are not personifications in any sense of the word; but they are very definite forms of energy, inter-dimensional relationships, etc.; when it can be understood that way, they have an entirely different perspectus. They have a way and a means of going over the threshold, and in the future they are going to evolve into lifetimes where they will no longer he pagans in the sense where they have to supplicate or to pray to personalities. Instead, they look up to these things, or look into them and they see how the Infinite – what they call God – is manifesting and remanifesting inwardly and outwardly, up, down and all ways simultaneously. Therefore, he is able to use the kind of mechanics which the scientist is using to construct the radio – to turn the dial of his own mentality – and when he does that by looking into this properly, he immediately attunes himself into it.

It is a very simple thing. Whenever you think about anything, for instance, if you are thinking about looking at that plant over there on the table, you automatically tune yourself into it. You have to because it is a common law of dynamics; you could not escape it if you wished to see it. So therefore, first you place yourself in a susceptible fashion to the rays of light which are being reflected off that plant. Now if that plant was also something which could give off other different kinds of rays (say for instance, vibrations of thought) that, in turn, would place you in a condition whereby you were connected, just as the radio was, with that plant. Whether or not you were conscious of it, you would still be in some sense or way vibrating with whatever emanates from that plant in a way of vibration.

Now that Principle is true if you hold consciousness in any form or in any other different direction. You do not have to externalize it because you have to realize also that energy is stemming into you from a number of other different dimensions. In a sense of the word, the Infinite has become the plant in a number of different ways. Now, by your becoming conscious of this and seeing the Infinite come into you from numerous other different ways, by linking yourself up in the thinking manner, you have consciously activated all of the whole psychic with these thoughts. In other words, going back to the original concept of ringing, as it is called in applications of electronics or physics, you have stimulated all of these centers with an activation, an oscillating condition there with the higher inflows of energy – the influxes of energy from the higher self, or more correctly, through the higher self. It is absolute; it is infallible. You cannot fail once you have attained the idea behind it all. It is absolutely so inviolate you could not go wrong even if you wanted to. The minute you become conscious of these higher things that are vibrating or radiating into you, you do not have to say words, you do not have to utter prayers or burn incense, or go to the altar or the temple. It is vibrating internally with you at all times, twenty-four hours a day – every second. You could not escape it; if you did, you would cease to exist. It’s been a part of you ever since you began that evolution of life way back there, heaven only knows when, and it will always be with you. You can’t escape that either because of the mere fact that immortality is a part of you, because you have sustained the idiom or the personal ego for countless thousands of years and because that, in itself, is an act of remanifestation of the Infinite Consciousness.

Now as far as the more primitive forms of life so far as man on the earth is concerned, whether it is the aborigine or what we call our modern civilized man in this country, he is still comparatively on a very low rung of the ladder in his scale of evolution. But what it all means is that when he becomes a man, he has sustained a certain set of thought patterns of polarity transferences from one life to another. Psychic shocks and various other malformations are quite naturally carried into this thing. That is the psychic body which is expressing outwardly in its physical form, and that is what causes him to continually reincarnate into a physical form. That is proof of that, in itself, because even primitive man as an aborigine has definite memories of previous lifetimes. He will either consciously memorize it or he will come back into succeeding lifetimes with certain definite and pertinent knowledge which helps him to sustain his life in that particular environmental circumstance. Whichever way we look, we have proof because even the youngster a year or so old that is born into the jungle can survive much more easily than the white man could, because that child is still very closely linked to his former life as a jungle inhabitant.

S – How do you feel about cannibals eating humans?

T – You must understand how we have a certain set of what we call affinities. Affinities merely mean that we have a given set of energy wave forms which are compatible to each other as a definite vortex of consciousness. Now it has a definite frequency and it becomes gregarious to the extent that it begins to form another relationship with a similar vortexal pattern. Through evolution of time, they collect into a matrix which forms a certain definite sphere of interrelationship which can form the id or the ego of the personal being. That contains all the necessary elements as far as the expressive content of these wave forms in the vortexal patterns is concerned, all of the necessary elements for this creature when he reincarnates into a physical life to not only have the necessary physical equipment as a body but also the instincts, as they have been called by psychology or by Darwin or various other scientists. An instinct means that they have recognized the fact that from the previous lifetimes that person has a definite psychic knowledge through the subconscious of doing some particular function, performing a certain function, a certain relationship.

S – What about dogs, horses, etc., then?

T – So far as their id or ego is concerned, it is still not formed completely, not in itself so that it maintains these definite characteristics of self from one life to another because it lacks a certain particular element.

S – You believe we emerged from them?

T – We emerged from these lower forms of animal life in this sense: that these various different evolutions from the lower scale are evolutions in which these various wave forms of energy as idea and form and consciousness of sustaining life is concerned, are forming vortexal patterns of energy which segregate or go together as a gregarious element from which it forms a certain psychic body. And as quickly as this becomes large enough in its own perspective or horizon to attain a definite libido or drive as a personality, in other words, to express its likes and its dislikes to the extent in which a human being does, it expresses a certain creative element. It expresses a great many things which are sometimes lacking in the lower animal forms or which are not quite as strongly personified.

There really is not any dividing line there. We do not wish to make the same mistake the anthropologists have made and say that there is a missing connecting link; there never has been a connecting link in this sense. He has dug out of the past certain primitive forms of man which are the Neanderthal man or the Java man or Pithecanthropus Erectus, or whatever there are which he thinks that, due to certain bone structures, could have given this person a certain status or level of life. And it is all very confusing, because if you take that as a common denominator you are going to become lost.

Actually, we have had so many countless thousands and millions of centuries of time in which man has existed in an infinite number of ways and in an infinite number of forms as far as the physical is concerned, because as far as cranial space is concerned the number of brain cells man has is no denominator of his intelligence, no more so than how many hairs he has on his body or what his tooth structure is, because if we study anthropology today, we find that in many ways the savage of the jungle is much more intuitively and much more spiritually minded than the white man or the Christian is. Many of our so-called primitive savages exhibit a much greater degree of creative instinct in making artifacts and things for him to live with or survive by than a white man could. The white man has evolved away from these instincts. But back in the jungles they were very clever about carving and weaving and doing various other different things and even into the more recent civilizations, the women and men were much more creative in a general sense than they are now. Now everything is automation, and that in itself is one of the proofs of reincarnation that takes place on a spiritual side of life – the fourth dimension – because that is where evolution takes place anyway. We are only bringing it out here or externalizing it in a sense, or becoming conscious of it on the basis of polarity patterns. But factually, it all takes place on the inner anyway. Everything would have to resolve into spiritual or energy formations before we get anywhere with it at all.

Above all, if we quit trying to determine these aspects as personalities then we have made a big step. The creative forces of life are not in any sense of the word connected with a personality form or personality expression. When we stop praying, we cease to be pagans. We must supplant that with a much more tangible and realistic concept of the dynamics of life, not as they are expressed in the physical forms but how they are moving internally in a different number of dimensions.

Excerpt from Tempus Invictus

Part I here.

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