Addiction, Obsession and Healing in the Future


This excerpt from The Voice of Muse, UN.AR.I.U.S., and Elysium was relayed back in 1964 and would apply even more so now with the tremendous problems of addiction today:

“We shall go into these great Centers and witness the wonders and the sights of the healing which is going on in these numerous Centers and the students and the teachers who are assisting the students in the studies of these concepts. There are many miracles performed here, too, just as they were performed before your eyes on Venus as well as in some of the other centers. Here, there is a higher order of integration carried on with these various orders and practices as the students, and possibly some of the teachers, may come into the terrestrial dimensions at a future day in the history of the earth or to any of the subsidiary planets which are in these various solar systems throughout the great galaxies of the universe.

The future spiritual practitioner, as he will be called in these future days, will have considerable knowledge along these lines whereby healing can take place with many of the numerous types of mental derelictions which are now considered, on the earth, almost incurable. We shall consider for a moment drug addiction. As you witnessed it from one of your programs on the TV screen, it was quite evident that by far the largest percentage of these many thousands of hopelessly addicted persons, whether or not they took treatment, usually reverted back to the state of complete dereliction. Drug addiction will be treated along the lines of other types of obsessive malformations of the psychic body, as will such things as alcoholism, sex perversions and numerous other types of very obsessive and destructive conditions with which people struggle in attempting to cure their fellowmen who have thus become so obsessed and intermeshed and entwined in the coils of these very terrible astral forces.

The chemistry which goes on in the cases of those so addicted, in the physical body as well as in the psychic body, itself, if I can use the term chemistry, is of such nature that it very seriously warps and distorts, and in some cases destroys certain centers in the psychic body, itself, so that these addicts of alcoholism, or such drugs which have been in use on the earth and in other planets, are of such nature, that we might say they are destructive to the extent that the damage is irreparable so far as the earth doctor or scientist is concerned. These persons are being taught, for future benefit and use to the earth people, how to reconstruct and reconstitute any individual who is so addicted to alcoholism.

We can also classify the habit of cigarette smoking as a somewhat milder but nonetheless venomous form of drug addiction. Because it appears to be more mild does not mean that it is less harmful to the psychic centers. The spiritual therapy and cures and rehabilitations of these unfortunate human derelicts must await such time until they can be transported into astral dimensions and their psychic bodies rebuilt and replenished from the great storehouse of God’s Universal Mind Vortex. These energies sometimes take long periods of time to grow and nourish these psychic bodies, so that often an alcoholic or dope addict, if I can use the term ‘dope’, is not able to return or given the privilege of reincarnating to the earth in possibly periods of two to four thousand years after he has lost his physical body in the terrestrial dimensions where he became addicted to the practice of drugs and alcohol.

Nor is the subject closed with the use of drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes; there are many other types of poisons which are being absorbed into the minds and psychic bodies of many hundreds of thousands of eartheans which is all just as insidious in nature in the long run and will become just as destructive. We refer to those intemperate practices which continually detract the person’s attention from the true course of life, to the vast amounts of various types of exploitation along the lines of the reactionary nature of man or to such suggestive picturizations which lead man into the coils of sexual obsessions. In fact, most anything which is of the nature which is considered the material elements of your world and time can thus be placed in this category. The man or woman who slaves his life away to create and to buy for himself the various expensive luxuries of his time and day, is only strengthening the power of the great, mad, over-all materialism as he is holding the earth on his hands and shaking it gleefully with his taloned fingers, while the blood of millions of people pour from between his fingers.

There are many of the former earth scientists and doctors who are working in this Center and who are taking the various instructions; and in some of the more advanced cases, they are in turn, teaching. One of the great scientists who will come into the domain of the earth people in the future will be in the realm of what is presently called psychokinetics or the extension of the mind forces. Man will learn to constructively use this great power of his mind and to be able to direct the great generic forces of God which stem through him into productive and useful purposes which are not necessarily of the selfish nature, but will concern man in some Universal brotherhood; and in this great Universal concept he will be cleansed and made whole from many of the ills which are at present threatening to destroy the races of mankind.

If the people of the earth are obliterated from their planet in a future day, it shall not be from the atom bomb or its use, but rather from the destructive purposes of spiritual malnutrition from which man will separate himself so completely from the idea consciousness of the creative elements of God. He will obliterate himself from the face of the earth. However, do not take this as a prophecy. It is a danger but one which is likely to pass; and I can truthfully say that it will pass to a large extent and a large degree. But we must remember that in passing will also be the passing of hundreds of millions of lustful individuals who are now attempting to live in these material dimensions with the idea consciousness of self as the predominating and most motivating power which seems to give rise to their existence.  These selfish individuals will be replaced by the God-loving and man-loving individuals of the future who will understand the true nature of man and his affinity to the God Force and to the higher purposes of life; man, through his numerous cycles, is so struggling to achieve this continuity with the true spiritual expressions of his inward self.” -Zarathustra

I am so glad I came across this. A reminder of the ever-necessary vigilance one needs to take in dealing with the constant temptation of addictions in the every day walk of life.

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