Abstract Form of Consciousness

spiritual-enlightmentExcerpt from Tempus Interludium I

“The embryo of life existence of the individual soul begins with the life spark of Infinite Intelligence which expands into a great fourth-dimensional ring or cycle which is called the Life Cycle or soul Psychic-body-ICCCprogression of this individual soul. The Life Cycle is composed of an infinite number of pulsations of frequencies or energies, each assuming a different wave form, but which are in harmonic relationship to each other. While being infinite in number, in nature and variety, therefore they can reflect in their own consciousness, the part of themselves into the third dimension, and which in turn assumes the mass proportion of atomic structures known as elements.

These elemental substances are therefore grouped into the visible form of the earth body. The linkage of the earth body to the life cycle is complete through the superstructure called the psychic body. The psychic body is, in itself, a self-contained reservoir, retaining in static form the life experiences of the physical consciousness.

200In the development of what is called the Superconscious Mind, is the sum and total of all the energies which have been expressed through experience in the psychic body and retained in an etheric or cyclic form. This Superconscious Mind and body will, in turn, graduate through many evolutions of life cycles which are in harmonic relationship to the fundamental embryonic life cycle.

In the final conclusion, it may be termed a Superconscious Being of Infinite Dimension and of Infinite Mind who reflects outwardly from within himself, the individual personification of the great creative force called God.”

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