A Vibrational View

by David Wilcock

As our understanding of this universal energy source continues to expand, we are soon confronted with the idea that it is intelligent, that it can directly interact with our consciousness. After all, if this truly is the “Unified Field” that mainstream science has been searching for as the basis for all matter, then we are also a part of that unified field – mind, body and spirit. Or to put it in different terms, since we have consciousness, then consciousness must be a functioning part of that unified field as well.

This simple point of philosophy is quite often ignored in the course of a scientific investigation:

By virtue of the fact that consciousness exists, it must be a function of the Unified Field, whatever that turns out to be.

And in his book A Brief History of Time, well-known physicist Stephen Hawking predicted in the late 1980’s that this Unified Field Theory would be solved within twenty years.

The concept of a consciousness that is inherent in the energy of the universe is no longer in the realm of the spooks and spiritualists, as modern quantum physicists have discovered irrefutable evidence that the expectations of the experimenter can dramatically affect the outcome of the experiment – the quantum energies involved “know that they are being watched.” Anyone can go to the science section of their local bookstore and find scores of titles that will discuss this, such as the classic Dancing Wu-Li Masters by Gary Zukav, who is now well known for his frequent, insightful appearances on the Oprah Winfrey show. Furthermore, we also know that this conscious interaction with “matter” doesn’t have to stop with the quantum arena.

In the field of parapsychology, which is solidly empirical and has struggled in vain for mainstream academic acceptance for many years, we have prestigious institutions such as Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research or PEAR that have absolutely proven that human consciousness can affect the outcome of seemingly “random” procedures.

This can include effects where the participant is able to demonstrate the following, statistically significant results:

– affecting computerized random number generators

– changing the speed with which radiation emanates from a source to be measured by a Geiger counter

– and even affecting the random movement of ping-pong balls through a matrix of pins. The experimenter drops the balls through a single slot into a matrix that normally should funnel them into a random configuration throughout ten or fifteen slots at the bottom, and yet by sheer intent the participant is able to significantly increase the number of ping-pong balls that fall into a certain slot

It is also important to remember that the subjects for these sorts of experiments are not heavy-duty psychics, but ordinary people; so we are not talking about something that is only available to certain “elite” humans in our society. These experiments clearly reveal that the human being possesses untapped potential that has not yet gained mainstream scientific acceptance.

So therefore, if the entire Universe is composed of a unified field, or One Unified Conscious Energy Source, then as we said, we are also a part of that field; our consciousness can interact with it at many levels. And though many of us have not reached consensus about who or what God actually is, we must also follow the logic and admit that all of our most fundamental conceptualizations of God must be considered in this model as well. And when we strip away the religious and denominational distinctions of various belief systems on the planet and try to weave a single thread through their teachings, we are left with the simple fact that the fundamental nature of God’s Energy is Love and Light.

And since its nature is loving, we are told that it seeks to have everyone else feel the same way; it is continually striving to have each conscious life form in the Universe reunite with that Love and Light as much as possible. Hence, Jesus taught us to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” We are told that God is evolving, through the free-will decisions of its apparently separate participants. The whole universe changes as we choose to reunite in Oneness.

The key point that can connect the concepts of God, Love and physics is the idea of sympathetic vibrations, as researcher John Keely suggested. Keely reminds us that this principle is easily seen with a tuning fork. If you strike a tuning fork and have another nearby of similar proportions, the sound vibrations will mysteriously “carry over” to the non-vibrating fork and cause it to resonate on its own. Similarly, we have different people, different nations, different planets, and we can either choose to love and get along with each other, or choose to hate and destroy each other.

So, in the simplest possible sense, we can either have faith or simply postulate that the entire universe is One Being with One Mind, and that both the nonphysical aether and physical matter is all a fundamental part of that interconnected being. The world’s spiritual teachings all tell us that God seeks Oneness, unity and connection, and they also associate this quite directly with the concept of vibration.

To use an analogy given by Dr. Walter Russell in The Secret of Light, we can take a single wire, bend it 90 degrees and begin rotating it. At slower speeds we can easily see the wire, but the faster we vibrate it in circular motion, the more it will appear as a completely solid disc. This is a model for how our apparently solid matter could be seen as ultimately composed of non-solid energies vibrating at a certain frequency, but it is also a model that allows us to see how the higher the vibrations rise, the more stable and Unified their composition will become.

Therefore, Unity or Oneness is the point of “singularity” where all vibrations become simultaneous: all colors become White Light and all space and time merges into a single “moment center”. Again, the closer we get to the “moment point” of Oneness, the higher the vibrations will become – and this model of physics will show us very concretely how this is working, if we are willing to accept that simple philosophical premise.

And thus, even though love is often seen as merely a nebulous, subjective concept that often gets tied up in ideas of control and sexuality, in the aether models it can very well be defined:

Love is the tendency for entities within the Unified Field, whether human, “particle” or otherwise, to increasingly vibrate towards Harmonic Unity or Oneness.

So, you ask, what does love in the human being have to do with vibrational movement?

There are several ways to look at it. In a more physical sense, the feeling of love causes more motion in the nervous system and throughout the body: pupils dilate, heart rate accelerates, skin conductivity changes, perspiration increases, breathing is accelerated and neurological processes flow more quickly, leading to greater inspiration. Moreover, the feeling of love will bring a human being into greater harmony with the others around it; there is a greater propensity to smile, to be happy, and to be friendly. In a very real sense to many spiritual philosophies, this creates a radiant motion, as when love is radiated to another person, that person also begins to feel it, and is likely to continue radiating it to others.

This radiant motion could be seen to travel through humanity in much the same way that a wave exhibits motion through a given medium, though it may not seem to be a fast-moving wave on the time axis. And indeed, the service-to-other ETs tell us that at any one time, the total mass of humanity has a strong hand in determining the total vibrational frequency of the earth, whether higher or lower; so “everyone counts.”

We have stated that this motion of Love is a factor in physics, such as at the quantum level, as well as in human beings. Consequently, the aether that forms all objects in the Universe must be in motion. But why must there be motion, you ask? Without motion, there is no Existence. If ultimately the universe is comprised simply of a Unified Field, then something has to happen within that field to create change – it can’t just “sit there.” In other words, if the field remained static, unmoving and unchanging, then you couldn’t build reality, as on the most fundamental quantum level, energy has to move in order to function. That movement is a vibration; therefore, all elements of this Unified Field could be seen as existing fundamentally as vibrational motion.

If the nerves in your brain were not capable of vibrating energy through themselves and into the appropriate areas, you would not be able to think or operate your body in any capacity. If blood did not vibrate through your veins by the action of various muscular contractions, you would die. If electricity is not allowed to vibrate through the circuit boards of your computer, the computer will not function. If the energy in atoms did not move, we couldn’t perceive them and they couldn’t bond with each other to form basic chemical compounds.

So for you, the human being, it is important to see that in a very direct neurochemical sense, every thought and action, however small, is creating a form of vibration in the aetheric energy that surrounds and creates you. If the electrical interactions in your brain and body were only occurring in the context of “empty space” surrounding you, then you might not expect them to travel outside of the barrier of your skin to the air– but we now know that there is no empty space in the Universe. If all energy is unified as one field, as aetheric energy, then any movement of energy within that field must resonate throughout it – including the movement of consciousness.

So, if your consciousness is actually creating “ripples” of vibration in this sea of nonphysical aether energy, then the more loving you become, for yourself and for others, the more this causes you to strengthen your vibrational fusion with the energy of Creation. And ultimately, this fusion is a point of no space / no time and all space / all time. Geometrically, it is the Center.

Love is a radiating, strengthening, unifying force, moving towards the central point of Oneness, whereas hate, or the absence of love, is an absorbing, dis-integrating, weakening force, absorbing energy away from the central point of Oneness and compartmentalizing it.

Though many people will probably disagree with such an assessment of the vibrational nature of consciousness, it is certainly something that deserves a fair trial, especially in light of the scientific evidence that we are about to cover. This importance of “love as vibration” is by far the most fundamental spiritual message that the positive ETs seem to be attempting to impart to humanity through any number of methods, such as the phenomenon of “psychic readings.”

So, although it does indeed bend the mind somewhat to think of Love as an actual tangible energetic movement, there are an ever-increasing number of people who are working on their spiritual growth and healing processes who speak about this “energy” constantly. Even as science is making great strides in many very important ways, we must also respect how many spiritual strides are occurring in our society as well. More and more of us are becoming cognizant of the bigger pictures that define reality as we know it – and we are not afraid to follow the clues to their new solutions.

Science no longer needs to be compartmentalized to the degree that the physicist goes to church and prays to God on Sunday, and then spends the rest of the week in the laboratory trying to disprove its existence.

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