A True History of Ancient Civilizations Part I

earth-from-space-saucer“About 500,000 years ago, the people of Mars were commuting regularly to the earth by spacecraft. They had established a colony on the southern edge of what is now called the Gobi desert at the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. They were however set upon from time to time by savage bands of native earthmen who roamed about the earth at that time. In the last of these forays, a large group of Martians barely escaped with their lives into the nearby hills where they remained hidden and lost to their countrymen who finally abandoned the idea of colonization on the earth. They were a peace loving people and although they had weapons at their disposal that would have annihilated these savage earthmen, yet they refused to use them; and so the earth swung in its orbit, unattended for several hundred thousand years until the coming of the Lemurians from the planet Lemuria which is about 700 light years (figured in our planetary system of light measurement) away from our solar system. You may wonder how these men traversed this vast distance without consuming the best part of their lives. It was through the principle of change of frequency relationship which enabled the spacecraft to travel through innerspace at speeds approximately ten times that of your known speed of light (186,000 miles per second). Therefore the distance from Lemuria to our solar system could be traversed in a very small fraction of the time which you might assume would normally be necessary; in other words, about 5 or 6 years. During this journey the ship was flown and controlled by a robot calculator. The eleven who occupied the ship remained in a state of suspended animation, something like a cataleptic hypnotic trance.

It was about 160,000 years ago in your earth time that the great spacecraft crashed on the Gobi desert very close to where the Martians formerly lived. Inside were these eleven men on this craft which had clemurian-masters-shipome, as you have been told, from a planet much closer to the central vortex of the material universe and our own solar system. This was the planet Lemuria, about three times the size of the earth and warmed by the rays of a huge, brilliant, copper-colored sun to which it was fairly  close. The people of this planet are, compared to your earth people, of a very large and tall stature. They are also advanced in their spiritual evolution to a point which is about one-half way between the scientific plane of Mars and the spiritual plane of Venus. We (Venusians) had long been in telepathic communication with these people and it had been their first attempt with spacecraft at such vast distances which had ended so disastrously on earth. It had not been their desire to land on earth but rather on Venus, but they had been deflected from their true course by the strong magnetic field of a huge sun they passed on their journey here.

You are all somewhat familiar with the story of Mu or Lemuria on your earth; and how the science of these eleven Masters or Supermen was handed down through the ages so that it became a vital science of that civilization you call Atlantea. It was the people of Atlantea who still used spacecraft and were, through the knowledge and use of the principle I have explained to you, able to float silently throcreating-the-book-of-lifeugh the air in weightless craft which they propelled by using force beams or energy beams, using as their source of energy the magnetic fluxes which surround the earth. Near the close of this civilization there was a great deal of corruption which began to enter into a heretofore very wonderful way of life and which was something like the Utopia which the philosophers are wont to talk about. It was at this time that an Avatar who was living on Venus, made a pilgrimage to Atlantea and there, after proving his Mastership by placing the flame of life upon a crystal-clear quartz block which he materialized from energy, he ruled for the space of 428 days, during which time he wrote a book about life and placed it beneath the flame. It was his warning when he left that nothing should be taken from or added to this book or else Atlantea would perish. Your history will tell you the sad tale. Sometime after the disappearance of the Avatar, whom you call Christ (reincarnated later as Jesus Christ), a group of Atlantean men, women and children, wishing to preserve their way of life, escaped in a spacecraft to Mars. It was the descendents of these people who were contacted by your earthman named *Fry, as well as numerous others.” – Excerpt from The Voice of Venus

*Daniel W. Fry, author of “The White Sands Incident”.

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