A Story Of The Fall of Atlantis

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Atlantis existed over 200,000 years. For the most part the time of Atlantis were epochs of light! Only the final phase, the period from 17,500 BC to 10,500 BC was in your terms, a dark era, but at the same time a valuable lesson.

 Golden Age

We say to you: in fact, the Golden Period of Atlantis was the highest level of the light of consciousness, ever achieved on the Earth plane in any advanced civilization higher than Lemuria, higher than Mu, higher than Rama. In fact, Lemuria has never reached such an extremely advanced level, which existed in the Golden Phase of Atlantis from 40,000 BC to 18,000 BC time when gods walked with people, and they all knew joyful expression. It was a sacred time when many of you came as Star Children, and later chose biology and the lesson cycles of reincarnation on the Blue Planet called Earth.

So when you consider Atlantis, not only remembered her sad fall! It was just a short phase of the magnificent ancient world, but we must not forget, as much you can gain by understanding this final phase, and expansive, it is time to remember.

Atlantic Hologram

So, we’re talking about the once mighty Atlantis, and we speak to all of you that Atlantis is a great holographic lesson, and now it’s time again to refer to it for the memory of Atlantis, and not only for healing. Indeed, for some it is — a necessary healing, necessary cleansing, but for others it is also a generous allotment of force. It’s the memory of a time when you were part of the knowledge. Regardless of your myriad roles in Atlantis, expansive, 70% of all people on the planet at this time there had experience physical incarnation. Atlantis is calling out to you.

And not just for those of you who belong to the Law of One, it also appeals to the Arians, to the Sons of Belial. In fact, many of you have incarnated in both ideologies. Does that surprise you?

Flooding 17,500 BC — The Final Phase of the Downward Spiral

This is the second time after the flood, when the perfect Golden Age faded, and Atlantis split into 5 islands. The three major islands were known as Poseida, Arian and Oz. The two smaller islands were under the rule of Aryan, and were known as Athalia and Air. In the days after the second destruction of Atlantis benevolent government, ruling the state, passed the phase of a confederation, state governments, in your terms, that ruled each of the islands. Developed a kind of aristocracy, which consisted of two opposing ideologies. The two main parts of a ‘Law of One’, based predominantly on the island Poseida and the “Sons of Belial” which were based on the island of Arian. Arian island was the most populous and politically influenced and controlled Oz, Atala and Air.

Poseida was the most potent vortex portal complex at the time of Atlantis. Poseida grouped and placed on the island Temple of Healing, the Temple of Sound, the Temple of One, the Temple of Regeneration and the Temple of Knowledge. In Poseida was most major centers of higher education. They were placed in Poseida because of its advantageous location within the geodesic grids and its proximity to beneficial electromagnetic energies that spiraled rose from the earth’s core. Incredibly powerful healing spring flowed on Poseida, near the Temple of Healing, and stories about him have created myths about the “Fountain of Youth”, transmitted by indigenous peoples of Florida. It flows into the ocean near Bimini.

pyramid-temple-4-postHigh golden race of Atlantis seed was concentrated in Poseida, they reached an average of 10-12 feet in height. They were a noble race of giants, involved in the cultural, artistic and educational activities in the heart of Atlantis. Poseida was also the management and core power crystal lattice and Interdimensional tunnel system. The most advanced, complex and beautiful crystals were here. They had the Arcturian and Sirian construct, were present amalgam of many crystalline forms, filled with an alloy of platinum and gold. The crystals were housed in magnificent Temples, some of which were built of marble, others of crystalline plates of beryl, corundum and diamond. Poseida was also the capital of the island and was named the Emerald City. Atlanta improved with Arcturian technology ability to grow crystals of every structure and essence in an accelerated pace in the underground crystal beds of Arkansas, Tibet and Brazil, all of which are colonies of Atlantis, accessible through Interdimensional tunnel system.

Everywhere in Atlantis power grid crystals called tracker, were triangulated and connected through a gold-copper pipes, tubes called Baygonga under a spherical dome that could be angled to receive specific stellar, solar and gravitational energy waves. This was the system used by authoritative homes, institutions, media and theaters, manufacturing companies, medical centers, schools and businesses. Orientation system was taken of each structure, getting crystal elements of different sizes. Orientation system was also able to receive specialized refracted light and feed them to the ley energy system for use in an Interdimensional tunnel system and feed crystalline light conductive earth currents to raise the frequency of the plasma in a semi-conscious electromagnetic field benevolent energy capable to preserve the spiritual frequencies.

Large crystal satellite called second moon of Atlantis, floated across the sky and received, amplified and reflected the high energy back to the crystals in a variety of useful purposes. It served as tracker and Master Crystals used in temples. Specialized energy fields were projected into agricultural areas and areas of crystal growth, to enhance and accelerate their growth, as well as universities, hospitals, schools, offices, factories and other work places to create a sense of well-being and inspiration to workers and students.

The temples were amazing creations of sacred geometry and the magnificent architecture. Many large churches dome projected crystalline amplified light, shining like force field. They had a different color and shine day and night. They vary according to the purpose of the temple complex. Some temples projected domes and fields of vibratory light and resonate sound frequencies that amplified senses and chakras, others amplified receptive learning ability of the mind, and some contributed multidimensional consciousness, communication and transport. Additionally most of the major cities during the Golden Age of Atlantis had crystalline power over a dome of energy fields.
After the second flood was only the capital Poseida full crystalline energy dome, and it was stunning emerald green.

Before the flood 17,500 BC, most major cities, including Meruviyu, the capital of the Arian, had the same power dome on the perimeter. In Arian was a soft ruby red.

Atlantis-pyramids threeIn the Golden Age of Atlantis, the Pyramids were three and tetrahedral, depending on their purpose, and mostly built of marble, granite, and a mixture of crystals. Three-sided pyramids were used as antennas to draw and amplify energies and fed them to the lattice orientation of the power structures and factories and create energy fields for various services. The crystalline satellite was used to reflect the angled stellar energy waves into these triangulated lattice. There were over a hundred of these triangulated pyramidal grid complexes. They were set up in concentric triangulated patterns all over the planet. They established a network of semi-spherical crystalline and electromagnetic energy dividing the areas of Atlantis, America, Africa, Mediterranean Europe and South America into different demographic centers — to supply power to population centers and the regulation of weather maps and flows. Areas of Mongolia and Tibet were also part of this complex, connected Interdimensional ley tunnels. But their greatest concentrations were in the ancestral lands of Atlantis.

Four-sided pyramids were essentially Temple complexes set as full octahedrons, they were used for healing, learning, regeneration and spiritual purposes. They were not triangulated, and generally set at the tops of mountains or along the coastlines to receive both terrestrial and celestial energy. The soil under the diametrical plane was taken out, so you can build a top-down pyramid structure of the octahedron, thus connecting energetically up and down.

“Law of One” — is Poseida people who were truly spiritual people and sought equality among the people and unity in Oneness. Although much of the technology and quality of life were lost during the previous two periods of Atlantis (the first was in 58,000 BC, the second in 17,500 BC) technology still remained at an advanced level. But harmony characteristic of the Golden Age of Atlantis, declined after the collapse of the islands in 17,500 BC, when the initial chaotic complex recovery period immediately after the collapse of the island became separate self-controlled entities that were of a completely different ideologies.

Poseida And Atla-Ra

Very disciplined and developed a team of scientists priests stores technical wisdom and expertise on the management of crystal power grids. The vast majority of Atla-Ra belonged to a high golden race, but there were also representatives from the bronze, white, brown, and the Lemurian race whale. While still living creatures dolphins and whales that walked on two legs, verbally communicated and breathed the air like people. A group of scientists called the priests of the Atla-Ra still maintained the highest standards of consciousness and were able to maintain a high-frequency vibration of consciousness in the 12th and higher levels of the size of light and energy, while remaining perfectly clean and resonating with the true concept of “Unity” of God the Creator. They supported telepathic contact with the advanced space brethren from the Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda and Sirius.

Clerics of Atla-Ra were very respected and traditionally isolated, more privileged and more free from government control, and thus kept the knowledge and senior management of crystal technology in the hands of the wise and benevolent group, although he was involved with some technicians and crystal engineers from the population Poseida who was not involved in the group Atla-Ra. Scientists priests of Atla-Ra were both men and women, they were blessed with longevity by restoring strength of mind and with the help of technology the Temple of Rejuvenation. Many of them lived in the realization of the same biology for 6,000 years, and some 12 000 years! So there was a technology that is maintained by this holy group. Many brilliant souls were among them. Essentially, you know as Galileo, Isaac Newton, Einstein, Tesla, Edison, Marcel Vogel, Ronna Herman and DaVinci were among the Atla-Ra. Tyberonn and Oneronn were part of this group of scholars and priests lived a very long time.

Many of you, especially your artists and writers have clear memories of the capital city of Atlantis, located on Poseida. It was called the Emerald City because of glowing green light dome, designed around it. Some of your artists have actually created the image of the city that are quite accurate. It was an exquisite marvel of architecture, culture and engineering, and, of course, the most beautiful capital city that has ever existed on your planet. It was breathtaking. The city, also named Poseida as the state, consisted of a series of concentric walls and surrounded by a sea water flow channels. It was full of beautifully constructed temples, universities, theaters and museums. In the center was a hill, and at the top of a hill — a majestic extraordinary Temple of Poseidon, which was visible from all points of the holy emerald city. Inside the temple was a massive gold statue of the god of the sea, depicting his drive on six winged horses made of extra-terrestrial platinum. The statue was decorated with exquisite precious stones of various colors and types. The Temple was octagonal and along each of the 8 walls were built convex fence from the platform to the terrific crystal twelve feet tall, who stood and shone like transparent diamonds. Poseida was the least damaged of the major Atlantean cities after the division of the island, and still maintained a high frequency and quality of life.

Arians And Industrial Complex

Arian was the largest and most populated of the islands. It was a commercial center and received the greatest impact from the economic, agricultural and military perspective. After the second flood Arian was significantly damaged and the infrastructure required a chaotic stage of recovery. While the state has become manageable elite rich “white” race, which took control over the economy, the military forces and the government of the island nation, even though the majority of the population belonged to the bronze and red race. As Arian grew, it became a corrupt power aristocracy which sought to block the ‘Law of One’ and to use the technology of Atlantis to control the world through the use of crystal energy for weapons and the use of genetic science for the creation and preservation of an inferior race with a view to its exploitation as workers and soldiers.

Genetic engineering is based in Meruvii on Arian. It was originally used for useful purposes in an effort to improve the physical vessels of those who incarnated in physical bodies that mutated. The genetic work was done and developed by Arian and was used to remove appendages, claws, feathers and reptilian skin and scales. This was done in the Temple of Purification, a kind of a specialized medical center. We again emphasize that during the Golden Age of Atlantis that was very helpful. There were huge genetic progress and reached a great understanding of cloning and correction of physical limitations for improvement, and it was responsible, ethical and beneficial.

In the chaos of the reconstruction period genetic engineering came under the control of Belial, and then developed into an immoral use of greed and power. Genetic engineering is beginning to be used in the dark to create a race of slave laborers and hybrids of humans and animals. Just as in Nazi Germany, it was presented to the masses as development of a “pure race.” In fact, many of the geneticists at first kept in ignorance, which used their research work, while, in fact, it was too late for them to stop it. Some of you have a great guilt to this day as a result of this work.

Law of One and Sons of Belial

A genetically engineered slave class led to more alienation between the Law and the Common Sons of Belial. The latter were so absorbed and materialistic with ambitions into the industrial machine that they lost sight of the spiritual ethics that had prevailed in the continent of Atlantis in the Golden Age. There were created literally hundreds of thousands of hybrid mutations to work in the fields that were created by mind-controlled monsters and robots to execute the order of their “masters”. Agro-industrial society on Arian became too dependent on them. The soul is trapped in the cloned body, who were called “nature” and “other,” with genetic lobotomies and without sexuality and emotional abilities. Many who had been captured in the bodies of monsters or defective hermaphrodite human bodies, still carry that horrendous pain limited physical presence, which did not allow any advanced training, spiritual growth and emotional expression.

For several millennia the two ideologies fought heads on this issue, and government agencies were in a bind. Poseida residents were too generous, and cultural in nature, trying to fight the Arians and sought to educate them and spiritually influence them to change their ways. Arians, who outnumbered residents of Poseida 3 to 1, dared not attack Poseida for as long as they did not have crystal energy, capable of de-energize the nation.

Colonial Wars

In the interim, a war broke out between the Arians, who controlled the armed forces of Atlantis, when the former Atlantic colonies in the Mediterranean area, broke traditional ties and set up their own independent governments. The colonies, particularly those in Greece and Turkey, saw that Atlantis is changing becoming from the utopian into a military-fascist state controlled by the Arians and sought to escape. Although Arians had military benefits, the Mediterranean states did not respond, and the colonial wars raged on with no apparent advantage of any party. Some fraction of the Arians strenuously sought to use crystal energy to suppress opponents. However, the Atla-Ra and ‘Law of One’ population Poseida firmly rejected it.

Arians made several unsuccessful attempts to intimidate Poseida, but each was repulsed. Poseida repulsed off of the energy of the Arians, and Arian stopped the supply of food and industrial products. Everything was at a standstill.

Congress of the Association of Atlantis

As part of a large plot of deception, disguised as a plan for unification, Arian proposed Poseida generate an updated National Congress to resolve growing differences and make harmony in the life of Atlantis. The Congress were sent representatives of the “Law of One”, and representatives of Sons of Belial. Congress was formed from equal representation of both parties. In the short term federation was blessed promise of greater harmony. It seemed that the National Congress promises to change and improve for decades. Poseida retired and many of them weakened their vigilance. Atla-Ra continued to fear the motives of the Arians and sensed deception.

First National Congress did improve relations and many minor laws, promising association, were put into effect. However, the main points of disagreement — the genetic slavery and crystal energy management remained unresolved.

However, among the Sons of Belial came charismatic leading group, which tends to the masses in Atlantis into believing that they have the answer to the return of Atlantis, the lost golden age of glory and wealth. The leaders of this group were the souls that you know as Hitler and Himmler — the leaders of the Nazis during World War II. Here were created the huge military legions, which gave a big advantage in a hidden political manipulation and power struggles. Hybrid mutants were used to intimidate those who were in opposition to the Arians and Og, and one such attempt was made by in vain on Poseida.

Strong group Arian was a master of manipulation and media. There were well thought out arguments that masked their true intentions promises of compromise. Propaganda seemed quite plausible on the surface and convinced many moderate and some of the “Law of One” in their hope for harmony.

Wonderful opportunity to resolve the contradictions it seemed by laws proposed by a group of Belial, to put genetic engineering under the state-controlled Arians under federal control, and, in response, they transfer crystal energy solutions to their state agency. This caused a lot of discussion and debate across the country. The question was put to the vote, but failed in the vote in Congress.


But cunning leaders of Belial offered a convincing compromise that would allow the law to pass, provided that a new federal agency to control the energy of the crystal will be led by 5 Poseidians and 4 Aryans. The fact that the “Law of One” received the apparent advantage in the control of the Council made the plan is very promising for the public of Poseida. The law guaranteed that no changes can be made without the consent of a majority of the Council, but included a clause that while the Atla-Ra remain in dominant positions, they can no longer be freed from government control. Also included is training, enabling engineers to both parties, outside the Atla-Ra, to study the entire range.

Initially, despite fears of the Atla-Ra, the system seemed to work and bring more harmony. However, after two years of war in the Mediterranean, more conflict broke out with renewed vigor and the rebelling colonies seemed to have advantages. Under the pretext of national security began an increase in pressure on the use of crystalline beams for military purposes. The State Council appointed debate, discussion and vote. National security the subject of speculation and misunderstandings and manipulated patriotism sweeps the land.

And then the deception revealed itself. Much to the shock and chagrin of Poseida, one member of the “Law of One” changed his position. He did not belong to the Atla-Ra, nor the Golden race. He grew up politically as a charismatic leader and a trusted mediator, who pledged his loyalty to the “Law of One” and won their full trust. He was made to entice the Arians, and fell victim to his ambitions.

Afterwards he felt great remorse, and spent many successive incarnations trying to correct his mistake. In fact, he did not foresee the catastrophic consequences, and allowed himself blindly to make concessions for the promise of power and position.

This is the illusion of power. If someone gets the power, which seems correct, it can often be an illusion of ego. On the road to Mastery everyone eventually has to choose between power and love. Even the one you called Hitler thought the master race scenario would create a better future for the earth with one being the highest physical embodiment, only the final race in which all souls will be implemented, reducing disease, and eliminating racial division, if there will be only one master race. Even the one in your biblical allegory called Judas, thought that sending Yeshua ben Joseph to prison, he will make it to use his divine power to reveal their skills in the world! Indeed, what you call the “power” is often the polar opposite of love. Do you see how ego and power can deceive? See?
Thus, the use of a complex crystal lattice energy and unfortunately irreversible, “legally” came under government control and to control the Sons of Belial.

Second Moon of Atlantis

What was known as the “Second Moon of Atlantis’, the crystalline lattice and fire crystals came under governmental control, and their use has begun to change as there is growing knowledge of the Arians in the programming. Atla-Ra first to hold it, but, over time, have been pushed aside.

As we mentioned before, what was called “The Second Moon of Atlantis” was, in fact, a massive crystalline satellite. It was designed and managed by the Arcturians priests of science “Law of One.” The crystalline satellite was a brilliantly constructed automatic area about five miles in diameter. It has been used since the days of the Golden Age of Atlantis, and served a variety of beneficial purposes. It amplified and controlled the various crystal beams sent by the fire, healing and energy crystals. It was a kind of computerized microchip which break, amplify and reflect beams of energy for use in agriculture, weather control, tide control, temples of healing and restoration and strengthening of existing ley energy generated by the crystal system. It was in the skies over Atlantis and appeared as a golden “fruit” the moon and thus was known as the “second moon of Atlantis.” Iridescent kaleidoscopic area antigravity plasma swirled around the sphere, and often seen in the fact what you call the Northern Lights. The crystalline satellite moon does not rotate in the orbit of the Earth. She moved programmable, self-governing and changing its position in order to perform its many tasks over Atlantis, Africa and the east coast of Brazil.

After crystal lattice complex legally came under federal control of the Arians, the group included the devil of their own technologists into the engineering group, quickly replacing people in key positions. Atla-Ra attempted to block their attempt to reprogram the satellite for military purposes, explaining that overloading the satellite scatter antigravity field disaster could happen. Arian scientists rejected that claim. Some of the Atla-Ra were intimidated and were removed, others began to mysteriously disappear. Many Posedians felt intimidated and powerless, when the government council allowed the satellite to become a “strategic defensive arms”, confident that it would be in line with the program and bring a quick end to the rebel war.

Scientists of Belial with the approval of the Council reprogrammed the system and began sending destructive thermal light beams used to cause volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in the colonies, and nations that insisted on their demands (like today’s HARP). They were sent to the areas which now occupy Greece and Turkey, and caused great devastation. In fact, it gave the zealous Arians the battle advantage they so earnestly desired, and they happily increased its use of the support of their majority.

Beginning Of The End

Crystal Moon began to “overload”, weakening the anti-gravity field that kept it afloat. The Atla-Ra knew what it would lead to if the programming failed, but their appeal to the council to continued to ignore.

After several months of continuous military use, the satellite began to randomly rotate and failures began to occur in the energy. Tireless efforts to fix it failed. When the Atla-Ra offered to help in correcting it, most refused. Some agreed to try and stabilize it to prevent a catastrophe. However, all attempts failed. The Council rejected the proposal to burn the satellite and to minimize the effects of the disaster, not believing that it could happen.

Moving Crystals

Inner group of loyalist within the Atla-Ra and ‘Law of One’ planned a shutdown of the scheme and moving fire and energy crystals to various safe places before the coming collapse of the main satellite. This was done with the help of technology and the support from Sirius B.

All nine of the crystals were placed in dimensional locks, essentially turned off and transferred to the state of the energy of peace with Sirian technology. Dozens of other Master Crystals were lost.

Indeed, after several months of use as a thermal “death ray”, the load on the crystal satellite exceeded its antigravity cushion and it weakened and crashed like a comet with a colossal explosion that devastated much of the island of Oz and critically weakened the tectonic stability of the Atlantean plate, vaporizing massive area substrates. The great crystal satellite crashed with millions of crystalline flakes that fill the now deep cracks of the Atlantic. Spewed massive clouds of dust and smoke, hiding the sun. The wave of earthquakes and tsunamis devastated the island and two huge waves covered two thirds of Arian. The remaining power stations exploded within a few minutes with the power of  atomic bombs. Consequences of the explosion of one of them can still be seen today around the North of Brazil, called “Seth Tsidades.”

Atlantis, the eastern coast of Brazil and the western coast of Africa were devastated by earthquakes, which followed each other. Panic and chaos continued for three weeks, when the remaining part of the land mass and earthquakes shook the land, it sank into the sea. A land bridge that connected Poseida and Og to the Yucatan, in the beginning was still above the water and was literally filled with hundreds of thousands of residents of Atlantis, desperately trying to find a way out of the terrible panic exodus. All types of vessels were full of terrified refugees survivors.

And then, in another stunning time remaining lands submerged in the sea. Displacement of the sea, which became known as the Great Flood, caused dozens of huge tsunamis that swept through South America, Africa and Europe.

This scene, and many, many incarnations pursues these obscure memories of many of those of you who were a part of that.  (Translated from Russian)

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