A Spaceman’s Warning About The Dangers of Nuclear Radiation – Part II

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As documented in George Adamski — A Herald for the Space Brothers, after the discovery of nuclear fission technology and the nuclear explosions and testing that have been carried out since, the space people have done their utmost to neutralize the radioactivity that has been released in our atmosphere through nuclear tests and nuclear power plants. According to Adamski the radiation would be “be much more pervasive than it is today” without their intervention, while Benjamin Creme, who says that our scientists do not even have the equipment to measure the damage that radiation causes on the etheric planes calls it “the deadliest release of energy that has ever taken place on Earth”, which depletes our body’s immune system, “causing more and more Alzheimer’s, memory loss, disorientation and the gradual breakdown of our body’s defense system”.

Apart from the obvious effects that a nuclear war would have in terms of the annihilation of humanity, the poisoning of our soil, water and air that would render the planet barren for countless millennia, the space people said: “It is possible that the body of your planet itself could be mutilated to an extent that would destroy her balance in our galaxy…For us, traveling through space could be made difficult and dangerous for a long time to come, since the energies released in such multiple explosions would then penetrate through your atmosphere into outer space.”

The explosion of nuclear devices has caused abnormal conditions within our atmosphere, warn the Space Brothers, which have built up in the ionosphere: “It has continued to grow in depth with each explosion; and little by little is falling back to Earth.” According to Benjamin Creme, this buildup of nuclear radiation in the atmosphere, despite the best efforts of the space people to neutralize the effects as much as they are allowed within the Law of Karma, which takes up 90 per cent of their time and effort, is flushed out of the atmosphere through torrential rains that are the result of climate change. “These rains not only cause floods but bring down many very toxic pollutants, including nuclear radiation, released into the atmosphere by every nuclear power station”, causing the recent mass deaths of birds and fish.

One of the dangerous conditions that arise from nuclear tests, according to Adamski, are concentrations of radiation which at times gather together and under certain circumstances “can extract enough elements from the atmosphere as ‘fireballs’. With their finer instruments, space people are able to detect these …pockets of radiation, visible or invisible; and when they do, they intercept and disintegrate them…”

Similarly, atomic clouds that result from atomic explosions are composed of the same concentrated energy, but on a much larger scale. Adamski explains: “Should one of our planes contact such an invisible ‘cloud’, it would either explode or disintegrate, seeming to disappear before the eyes of the onlooker. This explains some of the mysterious plane disappearances that have been reported. Since on several occasions space ships were being tracked on radar, and in some instances even visual reports were made of them in the vicinity of a disappearing plane, the implication has been that space ships were kidnapping our planes. But I have been told that because of our inefficient instruments for detection, space people know our pilots are helpless in the path of these ‘clouds’. To avoid these very tragedies, they do their utmost to reach the concentrated mass as quickly as possible. However, there have been occasions when they arrived just as one or more of our planes were entering one of these pockets of concentrated energy. Under the circumstances, they were unable to do more than stand by; because once a plane is caught in such a force it is impossible to save either the plane or its occupants. But they then later disintegrate the invisible cloud to avoid further catastrophe.” With their more sophisticated instruments the Space Brothers can detect and neutralize these destructive clouds.

Interestingly, in his article ‘Binding Forces’ Wilbert B. Smith gave a similar reason for a number of unexplained plane crashes. The people from ‘elsewhere’ informed him “that our pilots flew around in complete disregard of the regions of reduced binding with which this planet is afflicted, and very often their [air] craft were not designed with a sufficient factor of safety and came apart…They also passed a few uncomplimentary remarks about our propensity for shooting off atom bombs which actually created a pair of such ‘vortices’ with each explosion.” Apparently, Smith believed that this is also what caused the mysterious crash of Captain Thomas F. Mantell of the Kentucky Air National Guard in January 1948, that has been blamed on hostile UFO activity.

In June 1958 Adamski gave further information about the dangerous effects of nuclear radiation: “Long before the detonation of the first atomic bomb our scientists were studying the natural cosmic rays coming from space. Their research had proved that under certain conditions these rays could be deadly; but normally their harmful effects were filtered out by their passage through our atmosphere. However, exploding the first nuclear bomb started an artificial barrier against the customary free flow of these rays, and each succeeding detonation has added to its depth until now the cosmic rays must hammer their way through this artificial barrier of radiation. This results in sporadic breakthroughs of such high concentrations of cosmic rays, that our atmosphere cannot filter out all the harmful radiation coming to us from space.

“This barrier of radiation of our own making could be compared to a dam with a large body of water behind it. When the first small fissure appears in the dam, the weight of the stored up water will rush through with unnatural force. The same principle applies to the cosmic rays breaking through the radiation clouds with which we have surrounding the planet at the present time. As a result, our atmosphere is being polluted by these natural forces of space, as well as by the [radioactive fallout from the] nuclear bombs that have been, and are still being, exploded around the world. This is an abnormal condition of our own making…only we can change it. But were we to ban all future nuclear tests, it still would take years for the atmosphere to clear.”

At a press conference in September 2010 researcher Robert Hastings announced that around 120 former military officials have testified to the fact that UFOs are taking a notable interest in our nuclear capability — which, according to Benjamin Creme, is now shared by twenty-four nations. In 1983, however, Adamski’s Swiss contact Lou Zinsstag already suspected that the extraterrestrials seemed “to dislike our use of outer space as proving grounds for military research, especially the growing use of military satellites by both super-powers.” In particular, she pointed out, the types of satellites that carry atomic reactors and fuel on board. Specifically, she was referring to the Russian satellite Cosmos 954 that came down in January 1978 in Northern Canada, which she speculates “was sent down by somebody who did not want it to reach a higher orbit”. Similarly, an American Skylab came down in January 1979, this time in Australia. When Mrs. Zinsstag writes “It looks as if both were refused by somebody…” she reminds her readers that, already in 1963, George Adamski told her about an atomic bomb that the US Air Force had carried high up into the Earth’s stratosphere in 1960, where it was exploded for experimental reasons: “The Russians had similar ideas but the Americans wanted to be first. After the first test, however, the whole project was suddenly scrapped and never resumed – on either side. ‘The warning was very clear,’ Adamski said, ‘because a strong voice was calling out ‘Negative! Negative! Negative!’ And so it was the plan for the test series which exploded, not the bomb!”

Benjamin Creme’s information is that the Space Brothers are engaged on a spiritual mission to neutralize this nuclear radiation, which confirms Alberto Perego’s statements to the same effect. In fact, his space contact has said: “Life on this planet would be utter misery were it not for the help of our Space Brothers who neutralize this pollution and render it harmless within karmic limits. Fleets of their space ships, using implosion devices, do this on a daily basis.”

At the same time they are replicating the planet’s magnetic field on the dense—physical plane, as part of a new energy grid that will “give this planet…unlimited, safe power for all purposes, in ways that cannot be bought up or cornered by any group of men.” Crop circles, says Creme, are found in locations where the Earth’s magnetic lines intercept and vortices of magnetic energy exist which are used in this way by the space people. The space people use crop circles as a “tangential way, without infringing our free will, of telling the people of Earth that [they] are here, are part of our [solar] system and that they work in a systematic way, not just as separate planets. They are helping this planet to develop the technology of the future, and also to make known, quietly, that they are 100 per cent friendly and harmless.” As for the crop circles, Creme says that a minority of only around 4 per cent are hoaxes, while the rest are authentic. Where there are no crops, there are usually no traces of this particular activity of the space people, although increasingly, it seems, similar circles are being found in snow and bodies of water that are frozen over.

Through their technology, the space people are establishing the foundation of what Creme calls the Technology of Light, in which energy direct from the sun will be combined with energy from the Earth’s magnetic field. Through the Technology of Light this energy, which is available in every location around the world, will be stored in boxes of various shapes and sizes, depending on their use for industrial or domestic purposes, and be available for free in limitless quantities. Benjamin Creme’s space contact has said in an interview: “This will provide the energy for all human needs. It will be clean, without waste, and there will be an inexhaustible supply to every home in every city in the world. Help is being given to scientists in Russia and in the United States by our Space Brothers.”

A possible example of this was described by Bruno Sammaciccia when he was shown around an underground base near Forlimpopoli, Italy. The extraterrestrial Meredir showed him a device which he said was very different from any electronic devices that we know and contained an energy load that would suffice them for a whole year: “He opened its cover, and inside there was a screen, and over it a wide light was moving, without making any noise; it was a light, a dark green one, but it was as if there was some matter in it, maybe one could even touch it. It was like a boiling broth. ‘This is energy at its initial state. It may be transformed into solid energy, or into even more subtle energy. And this depends on this small instrument nearby…You see, if you touch that knob in some point, it will select the kind and the amount of energy you require, then it will distribute it wherever you like, inside this base.’

And according to Benjamin Creme (in 1991), “There is a town in the Soviet Union whose energy sources are all received directly from the sun through one of their satellites. That is the use of Light Technology. This technology is more advanced in the Soviet Union than elsewhere because the Space Brothers have had a base there for the last 15 years.”

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