A God-Like Way

stanza-twoTo he who would God-like become will never wield a sceptor
Nor a heavy crown to wear, nor ermine robes or any of the things which emperors
or kings hold about them in their way of life

To thus become a god, each man must do a godly thing
not wrought from stone or metal rare.

stanza-twoFor God is never found in any of the things and ways that all men do
But only is he found within each man and make of him both large and small
The things he is and not the thing he claims to be
For God is all the heart and soul of all mankind
And all the things of which he is.

stanza-threeYet never does a man see this God until he strips it off himself
and sees the thing within which is the God

This God of Heaven and earth and all things large and small
And even man himself tho’ man denys it in a thousand ways.

stanza-fourSo if ye too would God-like be, then strip this God within from out the husk
of mortal flesh and from the dross material stuff

You’ve made of life, you’ll make a Heaven here on earth
A Heaven for this God of yours and later still you find
Within the doorway of your God-like home, a stairway to the stars.

Excerpt from “The Anthenium”

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