A Discussion on Mind Function – Part I

main-function-main-4-postThis article was spoken by the Moderator, Ernest L. Norman, in rebuttal to an advertisement he read, which made claim they taught man how to use his mind to create anything he wanted, from a car to a hilltop castle in Spain.

“Fifty years ago, a wheel of glass or some similar material with some kind of a brush made of animal hair that was rubbing against one edge of it was placed on an instrument that turned the wheel very static-dischargerapidly. There was a static discharge from the brush that was just rotated on the rotating wheel. This built up a static charge. That is exactly what the mind does when it starts being used in the wrong direction from that which it was intended.

Most people are now trying to make the conscious mind the creative agency, but the mind cannot exist or function within itself. It has to be powered from the psychic centers, as do all other organs in the body. That is the only way the human mind exists; all of those fifteen-odd million cells would die instantly when the oscillations are broken from any of the points of the psychic self. The mind dies instantly and the rest of the body dies with it. That is death. Death is the separation of the oscillation of the psychic body or self into the conscious mind.

It is wrong to teach people to use the conscious mind as a creative agency because it isn’t such. The mind powerInfinite created things. The mind is only a thing of instrumentation used as a correlation-ship. It is a switchboard; it is only something in which we objectify, we correlate things—bring things together. It is not creative in itself.

Moreover, there’s no such thing as imagination. Imagination is what people call either one of two things: either attunement to things which they have never come across, or those things which they are tuned to clairvoyantly which have already happened or that are going to happen in the terms and events that we are dealing with other dimensions in which time and space are not relative in the same sense clairvoyancethey are here; or that the person has clairvoyance—that imaginary ability to image in—a process to things that were happening in the past in his own life—whether it is in the past in this life or some other previous lifetime.

In either case, he is not succeeding and he never will succeed in creating anything—not with the conscious mind. And for all you students, you are most unwise to try to do those things because it only generates static; it only generates inharmonies and disharmonies in a person. It does a lot of things; it stunts the growth, the mental growth of people in that conscious effort. We’ve strayed, we’ve lost the right path. Why in Heaven’s name should anybody ever want to construct something that already exists in its complete perfection in the Infinite Mind? And it is the heritage of every man in the direct ratio and proportion as to how well he is able to tune into the Infinite to realize all its perfection.

So why should he create, when it’s already there? It’s asinine, isn’t it? Very asinine! If one thinks he can deviate people into chasing that false will-o-the-wisp over marshes into oblivion, after fancy cars, nice homes and various other things and say that these are creative products of the conscious mind, the truth is that they are far from that. They cannot get God to materialize any of these things faustbecause if they do, they are doing only one thing: they’ve enlisted the aid of the astral agencies to do those things. They’ve sold their soul to the devil, just as Faust did in the opera. That is exactly the meaning of selling your soul to the devil, when you start using that mind in the wrong direction by trying to make it a creative agent. It is actually not a creative agency at all for life is a mirror on which is reflected all the things of time.

The mind does not create! It never has and it never will, and I’m speaking about the physical or conscious mind used by eartheans. There’s only one creative agency in the world that can create; there is only one oscillation in Infinity that can create, and that is the constant, interdimensionalfractal-infinity-4-post relationship in the Infinite Mind that is creating and re-creating. You can call it cosmic centrifuge or Infinite Intelligence, but only when we, as individuals, are maintaining the ego in the sense that we as individuals are become participating elements in that Infinite Mind, so do we then become creative agents. But not in ourselves! Never does that occur without the aid of the Infinite—other Higher Minds.

Thus, unless we have become active participating agents or polarities, as creative agents for the Infinite Mind, we are getting nowhere.

Student: Now that’s really something! That’s really something to know!

Moderator: And that means how far people can be led astray, how far they can be drawn aside from their true course! It would be much better if one did nothing than to strive in conscious mind. Creation begins in a process far beyond the material planes because material planes are only the first junctions of various parallaxes or polarizing agents. They call them demonstrations or affirmations and some of the various orthodoxies call them “the way which God works.” But whatever they are called, they are thespiritual awakening same thing. It is Infinite Consciousness working in direct proportion and ratio as to how well we can see these things working. Because we can’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t working. It only means that we’re blind or that we’re ignorant. But if we don’t see them working for us, then we’re even more blind and stupid and ignorant. We’re also even further down the scale on the pathway of life, even than some of the animals. They have no more security than that. So it’s apparent that after thousands of years and various Teachers, Avatars and Masters who have come to the earth, man knows practically little or nothing more than he did when he first started out! And it is to be understood when we consider the fact that we’ve not been concerned with individuals who learn these things in the past, for those who have learned them have passed beyond these earthly ties and places by then, unless they willed themselves to come back to participate again in some movement whereby they could learn or teach.

But to those who have passed beyond the grave on the spiritual planes, they have learned these In-tune-with-higher-self-4-postthings, they have reached their Nirvana. They know now that they don’t have to reach out and concentrate and visualize and hold a thought morning, noon and night, three times a day for a new house, a new automobile. They know now that where they are, those things are absolutely childish and elemental. They are only products of an earthly dimension—the age of fear that they recall.

Where the Spiritual Beings live, they infuse in their bodies the radiant energies from the great vortex; the life stream of the Infinite Mind itself rolls or streams into their bodies. They’re in tune and in contact with these higher creative energies. Everything that the Infinite Mind is, they are a part of, they are oscillating with.

It can be pictured as some similarity or some allegorical form to the electric lights in our home. They are oscillating in a direct way through the great dynamos of the great powerhouse of the very sun itself, and the other vortexes of the abstract. Call it a mechanical process, if you will, but man functions the same way. It’s no different. Attunement is attunement, whether you call it pushing a switch, or whether you call it “tuning in”, or clairvoyance, or anything else. First, we vortex-and-emf-4-psothave to know the mechanics, the functions of the Infinite Mind, how it works, even in a very limited and a relative way in our own life. We have to know because if we don’t know the mechanics behind it, we’re lost; we’re on the threshold, but we never pass over. And as Ruth here said, we’re running around the house, but we never go inside. We can see the lights inside, but we don’t know anything that goes on in there.

So the best thing to do is to start to learn the principles of life, learn the language of our modem scientist because at least he’s closer to the truth. He has only one more great step to make, and he is over the threshold, because he at least knows how to create in a limited way, from the things of the earth and the energy forms he finds there. And when he becomes conscious of these same things, of parallels, of the countless dimensions into the infinite vistas and reaches to what we call timeless space—because logically that is what will needs be done—then he will have made the first great step. He begins to visualize these awakening-4-post-2things when he begins to visualize man living on numerous different planets.

“In my Father’s house are many mansions,” as one man spoke of it. When man can learn to realize that he is not a material creation, that he is a spiritual being, and that it’s the material life that’s only the imagery, the imagery of only a limited dimension or horizon of various spiritual interpolations, then he has made a first step. They are only images of man’s own past lives since the primeval ooze and slime of the netherworlds, when he started to migrate to the time when he began to assume a personal identity, an ego structure that lived beyond the grave from one life to the next, and then he became a man, an individual, a human being—when, and only when, he linked himself with Superconsciousness.”

Excerpt from Tempus Interludium III

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