A Bolt From The Blue

Bolt From The Blue main“It is said that every age, every civilization and every century produces not only the particular cultures and the subsequent way of life in that particular era but also brings forth one or more masters-of-light-4-postparticular era but also brings forth one or more particular advents of some new religious, political or scientific movements which have usually changed the entire course of history for mankind at that time or laid down the basic foundation for some future renaissance. For hundreds of millions of Asiatics, Buddha laid down a better way of life and there were others such as Zoroaster, Mohammed and Jesus, who 2000 years ago taught a simple psychology or way of life which is the keystone of our present-day Christian structures.

Today, history is largely repeating itself. During the past fifty years, man, living in the western world has built up a tremendous synthetic technocracy yet it is equally obvious that a proper spiritual balance must be maintained in any way or dispensation of life, otherwise man is quickly destroyed by the insidious poisons of concept of modern businessfalse perspectives and horizons which are clouded with rosy mists of indifference and man’s pathway becomes a bog-like morass of false pleasures, lustful gains and abnormal appetites. So it is today, that while the balance wheel has been pushed over into the materialistic side in this past decade, yet there are strong, highly organized Spiritual Forces working from the higher realm and through various channels and media to bring this balance wheel back into its proper position.

The greatest single expressional unit of these Spiritual Forces is an organization called UN.AR.I.U.S. comprising as it does the integrated and concerted efforts of millions of souls, some who are Avatars and Masters working from seven great Celestial planes or Spiritual Worlds. They are presently occupied in gathering together the many millions of reincarnated souls coming and going through various lifetimes upon the Earth to bring about the Second Coming or Advent. It could be said that the present period is therefore one of transition or the millennium-like epoch which will lead directly into the future Golden Age or Brotherhood of Man which has been called various names such as the Aquarian Age, the New City of Jerusalem, et cetera.

ascended masters projecting to earthAt the present, the strongest and most direct effort of UN.AR.I.U.S. is now being manifested through the newly-formed cell or nucleus under mediumship of Ruth and Ernest Norman with executive headquarters in California. They have made available to the interested public a streamlined lesson course which contains not only age-old comparative concepts but presents on a broad format, ICCC bookadvanced spiritual and scientific concepts which will be part of the psychology of life in the future age. Facts are presented on how the individual came up through the ancient civilizations and various lifetimes where he incepted karma, the introjection of dynamic healing force accompanying these revelations in a psychosomatic process, bringing about marvelous changes and healings to any student who has preconditioned himself and has sufficient faith and acceptance for this complete and revolutionary transition of life.

In other words, through this channel UN.AR.I.U.S. has presented to struggling mankind a practical, spiritual do-it-yourself kit which teaches the student not only the cause and removal of mental and physical conditions but also preventive measures whereby the future is more safely insured from further derelictions. The founders and the channels of UN.AR.I.U.S. do not claim to be faith healers yet can supply amazing testimonials of immediate and miraculous healings and adjustments which have almost always followed enrollment.

doorway-to-enlightenmentIf you have been awaiting The Second Coming of Christ, then wait no longer. He is knocking at your door. Jesus will never come into the world in the same manner and way in which He formerly appeared but will come as a great infusion of Spirit, and like a great tidal wave of the Christ Light will in the coming hundreds of years sweep over the races of mankind, seeping into their hearts and minds, helping to discharge their sins and iniquities to help blot out the errors of past lives and by giving mankind the manna of love, man will grow up and be nourished and sustained by the inflow of Infinite Light from his true Spiritual Self. Become a way-shower by first finding your way through the doorway of UN.AR.I.U.S..”

Excerpt from Introduction To UN.AR.I.U.S. Part II


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