15 Questions Answered by the Moderator – ICCC

Higher-Self6Q – You mention psychic self and Superconscious self, are these two the same or interrelated and the impingements, are they in both these bodies?

A – This is a very abstract concept but we shall explain it to you as simply as we can. We shall begin by saying that God is infinite. To become infinite, if we stop to think a moment, God must become finite in every conceivable way that you can think of. One of the ways in which God becomes finite is in His own individual self through man.

Higer-self11Every man thus becomes God. This is the Superconsciousness because God has created, through an abstract way, what we call a life cycle, wherein are placed all of the different experiences, the infinite number of things in which God is, Himself. So man revolves in his dimension of consciousness until he acquaints himself with all Infinity and thus he attunes himself to the Infinite Consciousness of his true self.

Q – Are there any shortcomings or weaknesses in this Superconsciousness?

A – There are none; there are merely things which determine the quotient as experience of the personal self. So we stress not the experience but the importance of that experience in the person‘s own evaluation of what that experience meant to him. Does this clear that point up?

Q – Some, but what relation, or what is the psychic self then?

A – The psychic self is constructed by the elements of the personal expression along this life cycle. You see there are many dimensions of expression in God’s own self, an infinite number; to bridge the gap between the higher self we have the psychic body, which is with us through our countless evolutions. It is constructed and reconstructed from time to time, just as our physical body is, from the different experiences through which we pass. It resides in the dimension which is commonly called the 4th dimension. The psychic anatomy is just beyond our physical conscious sight. It can be photographed. It radiates an aura and is very tangible, but only to people who have sight and vision to see it. It is not physical in the sense of the word that you interpret a physical being, because an atom is merely a vortex of energy and is a nucleus of an expression of positive energy with a negative world. We shall discuss that in detail a little later in the lessons because we are going to place great stress and emphasis on energy and how energy appears and reappears in different dimensions and in different forms, how it becomes a part of us and how it is a part of us. It lives, breathes, and acts through every pore of our very consciousness. Just remember that the Superconscious Self is the life cycle. It is the Supreme Conscious Self of God Himself, and in the creation of man as an individual, the psychic body itself is the structure of experience.

We might say that just because you think something and, in ceasing to think about it, does not mean that the particular thought has ceased to exist. It has not; that thought has been reflected into your psychic body and has become a part of yourself, as a wave form. When that fact can be brought home to people they won’t be running around doing some of the things they are now doing; when they find they have to continually live with every thought, every experience, that what they are from day to day will be with them and live with them for thousands of years to come, then they won’t be quite so anxious to commit these acts.

Q – You mean thoughts as energy exist in the inner dimensions as well?higher-dimensions

A – That is just exactly what I was speaking of a few moments ago because energy always reflects itself into other dimensions. It is imperishable because it does not exist in the dimensions of time—frequency relationship which it does in this dimension. Here we have sound wave frequencies. Over there these things exist other ways.

Q – You speak so much of energy.

A – Energy denotes an action. In order to have action, we must have a directive force.

Q – What is behind this energy, the component parts of energy?

A – Let us get into the physical or the material plane in explaining this to you—in a way in which we might understand it as seeing it on an oscilloscope as a definite change or a distortion of wave form patterns in some wave frequency. That distortion and that frequency appears and reappears as a fundamental part of that wave form until it is changed by external forces.

Q – Then what regulates the changes of form?

A – In the case of a television set, we use applications of external energy which are coupled with the original sine wave frequency through resistors, condensers, coils, etc.

Q – Then you are saying there must be an energy behind the energy to direct it?

A – That is exactly right; that is one of the basic and more abstract concepts of this whole concept of UN.AR.I.U.S.. The fact is that stemming down from these infinitely higher dimensions are great vortexes of energy.

Q – Would this be the source of power or force behind the energy?

A – That would be the prime directive source, yes. But the psychic body is, shall I say, the material interpreter because it is in the wave forms of the psychic body that determines our reactionary thought pattern of life.

Q – That’s merely a form of harmony, is it not?

A – We can actually assume that all energy, in all forms or transmissions, or in dimensions in which we find energy, always has a very definite relationship with harmonic cord structures. It cannot function any other way. Suppose now your radio is attuned; it is a superheterodyne radio. We have a frequency of 600 kilocycles, we have a frequency of 1500 kilocycles, we beat them against each other and regenerate a 900 kilocycle intermediate frequency note which carries the carrier through amplification into rectification.

god-selfQ – Where does consciousness begin?

A – Consciousness begins from the Superconscious Self.

Q – Well, isn’t that force counteracting with other forces?

A – It not only counteracts but it regenerates. Take two violins; if they are in tune and we pluck the “A” string of one, it regenerates the music in the other. In other words, in our understanding of energy, we know that energy is always changing. There is no such thing as a solid mass; it is an erroneous misconception. The atoms in this building, the walls in this room are all pulsating substances. They are all masses of energy just as is your body. They all have to be supported internally from other dimensions.

Q – I am aware of that however, but there must be a directive force behind all energy and it must be an energetic force.

A – That is right and that is God. That is the Infinity of God because God, in His relationship to all these forms and expressions of energy, interprets these things through the various frequencies and harmonic structures and the transpositions of energy in the various dimensions.

Q – Just what is Shamballa?

A – A little background on the Essenes or the White Brotherhood: primarily there was a spiritual order which had its origin in Egypt many, many thousands of years ago. They were composed of the pure Aryan race found in a place in Egypt called Mt. Carmel, which was the old Temple of Dendra, sixty to eighty thousand years ago and was the origin of the First Brotherhood.

Q – Can you get protection from the White Brotherhood so you are not influenced by the dark one?

A – That is a broad subject and would take a lot of time to cover, but you can get protection. However, this is one of the most important reasons why we should at all times keep positive and receptive to the higher minds from the White Brotherhood. When we become negative, we immediately attune ourselves and open the door to the dark forces to influence us. I shall go into this a bit later but it is far too great a topic to enter into in a few moments time.Light-city5-Shamballa

Now actually Shamballa or UN.AR.I.U.S., as we now would like to have it known at this time, is actually composed of seven different basic astral or causal worlds, or super-planets. They all relate man, and in their service to him, along certain definite lines. Each one is functional in itself. The Seventh itself, is functioning on two different levels. It is known as Eros and its central city is known as Parahelion. There is also the scientific plane, or the Fifth Ray. Between these are six more of these causal planes or worlds which are huge planets. They all function with mankind in their different relationship as different and distinct separations. Any person who has been along the Path of Truth for any number of reincarnations and has reached that fork in the road where he has gone up the hill spiritually, has started to come and go in these different sections of Shamballa.

When we have taken up the cross for mankind, in other words, when we are no longer solely interested in the self so much as in the welfare of mankind in general, we then realize that every man and every woman is our brother and our sister. When we have reached this point, we are an Initiate. This means we can come and go into these higher astral worlds of Shamballa in sleep state and between incarnations. There we learn and integrate ourselves with the higher concepts. After a certain length of time over there when we accumulate a certain amount of knowledge and because we cannot teach those who have advanced higher than ourselves, we come back into some terrestrial dimension in reincarnation.

Now to give you an example, let us go back to the period of the Reformation. Until about the 13th century in Europe, as everyone knows, the Holy Roman Empire along with the Ottoman Empire in Europe, held the key to life and death for practically every individual. So a revolution began. Now, how was this accomplished? On Eros and its sub-planet, which is called an asteroid (asteroid is known to earth scientists today as a seven-sided configuration or a planet which has seven sides), contact was made with the earth, and for two or three hundred years, the seven centers literally Light-mastersrained scientists, doctors, teachers, musicians, philosophers, mathematicians and artisans into our world through the channel of the womb. We had men like Martin Luther, Leibnitz, Shakespeare, Bacon, the Brownings, Swedenborg, Kant. Oh, we could name a host of them; no doubt we could recall two or three hundred of these men and women at this period of Reformation. Their reincarnation was very obvious because we had a complete reformation of all expressions of humanity. All these persons received their training and knowledge from these astral and spiritual centers which act as mother, doctor, nurse, teacher, to our terrestrial and other earth planets. They are constantly inspiring us when we allow ourselves to be receptive to their wisdom and knowledge in all fields of spiritual endeavor or for the betterment of humanity. If man could only open his mind to these higher intellects, he would soon rise above the revolting mess of confusion, hatred and materialism with which the world is now engrossed.

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