10 Ways Science Proves There Is Life After Death

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E=MC Squared

If mass which is composed of atoms is energy and our bodies are composed of atoms, it must be concluded that we therefore are composed of energy – energy is indestructible and cannot be created or destroyed. The energy used to power our bodies must therefore in some manner or form survive after the incapacitation of the body or death.

String Theory

Further confirming E=MC Squared, energy is vibrating strings composing the fundamental particles in an atom. As all things including our bodies are atoms then we are also vibrating strings of energy. Whatever laws of physics that apply to energy also apply to ourselves, that is to say that since we are composed of energy then frequency, harmonics and how energy expresses itself as a sine wave also applies to the energy that composes our being and since energy is indestructible then we as consciousness controlling the physical is indestructible.

Parallel Dimensions

If there is more than one dimension, what if one of these dimensions is where we reside when we so-called die? In fact, we never left there because our spiritual body exists there. It never left there. It is just expressing into a temporary physical body from a higher frequency spiritual plane.  These planes may be nothing that we can sense with our five physical senses and of which the scientist is just beginning to discover and explore.

Spooky Action At A Distance

Spooky action at a distance further confirms there are other dimensions where time and space do not exist but where information can be transferred instantaneously. What is the composition of this space if it can be called space? The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation – (4th dimensional concepts explained) can fill in the gaps.

Dark Matter

What if dark matter is being detected as an artifact of these other dimensions not determinable by any way then by the measured gravitational force? What if dark matter composes the worlds where our soulic selves reside and when we leave our physical body behind (death) we return in consciousness to these other worlds.

Holographic Universe

Susskind has gone on to explain that black holes are the film from which the 3D image is projected. At the center of every sub-atomic particle, atom, star, galaxy, universe (as above, so below) is a black hole. The event horizon of a black hole is the periphery through to where other dimensions exist. This is the duality of the spiritual and physical or the finite and infinite.

Wave/Particle Duality

Since we have already concluded that there are no solids but only vibrational energy then this conundrum is easily solved, that is to say that the particles are wave forms and have all the properties of sine waves and therefore should be analyzed with that in mind. Included with this should be the knowledge of the  interdimensional aspects of vibration, frequency, and harmonics, in order to understand why the slit experiment has this seemingly strange behavior.  With this understanding also comes the understanding of ourselves as infinite eternal energy beings.

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle

Since a particle is a more condensed set of wave forms, it would seem that it would give more an impression of reality which is measurable as to its location. Once this particle exhibits less of a density of waveforms then its momentum is measurable because it is more spread out evenly rather then being crunched up in a tinier bit of space.  How is this related to life after death? If our souls exist as waveforms that are like the waveforms that are proposed by this theory whose location cannot be detected then to the scientist they don’t exist.


Everything is happening in the now. Time is an illusion. Space is infinitely filled with energy and we just intercept energy through our five senses that give us the illusion of the movement of time. We are intercepting energy waveforms by frequency relationship which exists in the infinite cosmos and we call this awareness or consciousness. How does this relate to death? If we exist in a perpetual now and reality is composed of many dimensions that exist in the now, who is to say when we pass through death, are we just not now intercepting new waveforms (since everything is energy) of another dimension?


If we are a part of a fractal universe then we are part of a universe that has purpose, structure, intelligence, and meaning. We are part of something greater than ourselves that regenerates eternally in an apparently fractal manner. It would be purposeless to end at death or end in nothingness when nature, as an example, endlessly repeats itself in the manner of a fractal.

In summation, I give the two following  further enlightening videos, please enjoy.

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